Tuesday, October 7, 2008

malaysiakini and the FINAL Decision of Badawi.....

Is it similar to the end of the world?
All over the world stock markets are crashing and yet the MSM including malaysiakini seem to be focussed more on how Abdullah to decide within two days whether or not to contest for the UMNO elections.
Already they have planned out the scheme by which the next Prime Minister will be moved in as if that is the exclusive preserve of UMNO ala NEP concession.
Based on our previous experience of his performance, it seems unlikely that Badawi is going to fight for his place in Malaysian history but sometimes if you observe nature and the animal kingdom, a smaller animal will sometimes beat off a larger one in order to survive.
So it is crunch time for Badawi - it seems he was not able to make use of the great demand for change by ordinary Malaysians who would have given him all the support he needed. Instead he decided to follow the old paths that have led to his present dilemma.
Looking at the future leaders put forward by UMNO I do not see how they will be able to follow the tune that ordinary Malaysians are now playing. Now we decide the tune and political leaders must follow and not the other way around.

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