Wednesday, October 1, 2008

malaysiakini Post on MUSICAL CHAIRS - Will Someone Please STOP the MUSIC?

This malaysiakini article headed 'Musical chairs' in Umno transition plan tells us only about the plan/s that UMNO has in mind for the "great transition" where the Prime Minister is going to be replaced based entirely on the aspirations and ambitions of those in the UMNO supreme council.
I guess someone forgot to mention that the BN has many component parties and UMNO by itself does not have enough MPs to rule Malaysia.
Now if that is the case, surely the next PM should be first approved by the BN coalition partners and not the UMNO Supreme Council?

Well this article seems to be an after-thought and as they say "Better late than never". TRANSITION PLAN: Abdullah to brief BN leaders after Raya.

It seems a good opportunity for the other BN components to extract more deals to stay within the coalition. One very good request would be for the East Malaysians to demand the post of Deputy Prime Minister.
After all if the PM's post is reserved(?) for the UMNO President, why should the DPM's post be automatically be given to UMNO's Deputy President?
Of course if they all cannot stomach the "annointed" PM-in-waiting, they can all decide if the Opposition leader will make a better PM.


steven said...

Hi Angus,

A very good suggestion to demand for the DPM's post and I hope non AMNO parties will stick together and demand this!


PeterP said...

And the season seems right too. Being the festive season, the component parties could ask for the DPM's post or some other (Defence, Finance, Education, etc) and disguise it as 'duit raya'. Ha, ha, ha.