Sunday, October 19, 2008

malaysiakini and SATISFYING MCA's DEMANDS

The MCA has seen a drastic leadership change with the President retiring and two candidates contesting for the President's post.
Competition for the top post is good and it creates the chance for aspiring leaders to learn the art of compromise and consensus building as after the elections, the leader needs to mend damaged "bridges".
It is also interesting that the MCA delegates were able to discuss ways to improve the BN as the coalition has still not recovered from the March elections tsunami.
However the manner in which they are making their requests is doomed to failure.
You can read their demands in these malaysiakini articles We want DPM post: MCA delegates and MCA to keep pushing for ISA review.
I believe the latter is easier to achieve as many BN MPs too think that a review would be justified, though the PM has not supported such a review.
As for the DPM's post, it will remain a non-issue unless the other BN component parties can create a unified front that the DPM should come from one of their parties.
The MCA by itself will not succeed in this unless the other BN parties support it. Of course there is also a case for a second or third DPM to came from Sabah or Sarawak?
Perhaps the problem will be settled if we do away with the DPM's position and create 3 Senior Ministers posts - that way no one can assume he/she is going to be the PM-in-waiting.

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