Friday, October 10, 2008

malaysiakini on NAJIB'S Running Mate.

malaysiakini writes about Najib to decide later on running mate.
So it appears Najib is trying to influence MY to become more supportive of his quest for the top post.
It is a delicate balancing act for TR may be able to get enough nominations though I think he has been out of the mainstream for too long. AAB's decision not to contest gives Najib a very strong boost and that is why MY decided to ask all divisions to give their support to Najib.
Of course politics is always a game of deception and smoke and mirrors. What one says in public may not be in sync with what goes on in private deals.
Meanwhile Najib has a surprise supporter in the form of the Penang Chief Minister who wants to Give Najib chance to deliver promises, says Guan Eng.
That is a sign of political maturity of the Penang CM as he will need to deal with the new PM after March 2009.

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