Tuesday, October 14, 2008

malaysiakini: CORRUPTION is in the AIR?

There is the ongoing murder case that is linked to corrupt deals on the submarine deals.
Now malaysiakini runs this story that possibly corruption is also in the air regarding the purchase of the helicopters Letter questions 'shady' chopper deal.
The MO of such deals is that it usually involves the intermediary company and consultants who are also the front men and often the days of wine, women and song are featured.
The intermediary company is usually favoured with a long term contract to provide spare parts, services and training all at inflated prices so that all those in the food chain get their dues.
You do recall that TDM did mention that corruption is no more "under table"? Maybe this could be a case of corruption in the air.

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PeterP said...

TDM should know since corruption took flight during his time !!