Friday, July 10, 2009

QUO VADIS with the English Language?

Pardon my using Latin today....
Online polls such as promoted by Dr Mahathir can be misleading as most rural folks probably don't use a computer and even if they did most would not be reading articles written in English.
Someone suggested that some standard tests should have been given to those teachers who got the allowance.
Of course some of them would have passed and claimed that it was the pupils who did not understand English and hence the mish-mash language used.
You see they spent a lot of money on allowances for teachers to become proficient in using English but it seems the results were abysmal!
So now the solution is to spent heaps more taxpayers' monies like RM5bil and even GAPENA have become interested to promote the learning of English via English clubs. That is the usual modus operandi - create a problem and then spend lots of funds on projects that are not transparent or effective.

On a lighter note, not everyone who comes from the UK can communicate in English properly.

Here is a brief exchange of emails with a UK Bed&Breakfast:

My query:
"Guests: 3
Arrival: 21-7-2009 23:50:1
Departure: 24-7-2009 23:50:8
Comments: Coming to Bath with wife and 21yo son.
What can you offer? A double and single room is preferred".

"I am already full this week.
Very sorry.
Kind regards."

My reply:
"Is your place full on the dates I requested?"


From the last reply the writer appears annoyed that I could not understand his last message.
Improving our English standards should not be just to schools and teachers. Parents of course play a vital role like encouraging their children to read. Even the government can do so much more like encouraging the use of English in government departments. English can be recognised as an official language and that would really show that the government is really serious about promoting the language.

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