Thursday, July 30, 2009

malaysiakini and the CASE of TEOH BENG HOCK.... A Possible CAUSE of DEATH?

Before the science of FORENSICS was refined, there used to be a saying, "Dead Men Tell No Tales" but that is so wrong today when cases can be solved even years after a person is buried.
In Malaysia, there appears to be a learning curve in this science as I guess most of the books are in English and even if you understand the language, the text is going to be tough and most folks will be technically challenged with all those terms like "rigor mortis" etc.
Some Malaysian doctors too will probably fail if they had to sit for professional tests in forensics as after all, the patients do not complain if you botch up the work. Remember the recent case of Kugan?
One also suspects that some doctors are forced to produce cover-up reports to protect the police from being sued - after all, if the victim is a suspected car thief, should not society be grateful that a criminal element has been taken off the streets?
Thus it is not surprising that according to this malaysiakini article, Family adamant RCI probe Teoh's death.
As the death occurred in the building controlled by the MACC, the public really need the RCI rather than an inquest to determine if the newly "so-called reformed" ACA is not just a make-over of the government.
At first I thought someone had held Teoh outside the window in order to get him to talk and the death resulted when his pants tore.
But the lack of blood after that great fall indicates that his heart was not working when his body hit the concrete.
This means that he was already dead when somebody threw him out the window.

My feeling is that Teoh's death was caused by the improper use of the new toy recently issued to the police. Perhaps he had a weak heart and could not endure the use of the Taser X26 that was issued in early July 2009 according to this MM article Local police armed with Tasers
One of the dangers with Tasers is that it can cause cardiac arrest as the gun gives a high-voltage shock to the body and can cause death.

Unfortunately the perceived view of many Malaysians is that the MACC is trying to cover-up a death in custody instead of being honest at the very beginning and working out the damage control with a proper procedure.
Let us all reject this kind of police methods that have created serious problems of credibilty of state institutions.
After more than 50 years of independence, we demand and deserve better than this and we need more professionalism in the top echelons of government.

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