Thursday, July 9, 2009

malaysiakini Reports TWO Takes on English Policy...

If you read the two articles yesterday in malaysiakini there appears to be divergent views on how TDM views the FLIP-FLOP on the use of English.
According to one article claims Muhyiddin: Mahathir accepts the decision but the other article ... smouldering Dr M hints otherwise.
Of course the policy was changed rather abruptly just before TDM retired but to me if the matter had been brought up for the whole series of discussions, the BM exponents who wield much political influence would have had none of it.
So TDM did the next best thing and forced the change of policy. Unfortunately AAB did not have enough guts and gumption to carry out the necessary changes in the Ministry of Education and teachers were allowed to teach in the mish-mash of English and BM.
Some nieces of mine in Darjah 5 and 6 remarked that teachers were not able to teach properly and at times even asked pupils for assistance!
Such is the quality and calibre of the people who are in charge of our children's education.
A little advice for parents - be sure to get active in your school's PTA. You will discover a world of difference between what the ministry promises in their fancy declarations and the stark reality in schools.
Maybe we should also ask "How come so few non-Bumis get promoted to head schools?"
How much is based on political and racial bias?

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