Wednesday, July 1, 2009

malaysiakini on NAJIB'S Grand Scheme....

It is not surprising that Najib's 1Malaysia concept is getting a terrible bashing at the hands of the PR according to this malaysiakini article Najib gets bashed at Pakatan 'unity' rally.
Apart from the grand ceremony at the launch and some nice speeches, I do not see any changes being made to the fundamental problems we have inherited over the years and two such problems are the lack of serious reforms in the PDRM and the tainted Judiciary.
Now the latest talk is on scholarships and the 50% ruling on Bumiputra equity. The latter is simply a carry-over of the past policy and is not likely to impress anyone with the same old "crutch mentality" after more than 35 years.
The NEP will soon become a grandfather policy and sadly, the Bumis are never going to catch up with anyone - least of all the connected cronies in the BN.
I guess that many in the BN are now feeling the heat as they know if a fair general elections is held anytime soon, the BN could lose the federal government.
To me that would be the best thing that Malaysia needs as it will provide the BN the best chance to undergo radical changes.
It may be painful for some but that will surely put us on the path to a more progressive Malaysia.
Just look at Indonesia - I daresay that in the past 6 years they have matured more than us in the political sense.

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