Sunday, July 12, 2009

malaysiakini and NAJIB'S 100 Days

The way the MSM went to town and profited from taxpayers' monies with full-page colour adverts suggest that Malaysia is now truly on the road of reforms but this malaysiakini article seems to debunk that impression.
Najib not going to win brownie points suggests that the conditional 20% discount on tolls is somewhat "too little, too late" since the toll agreements have not been fully disclosed nor reduced.
If they really want to reduce the motorists nightmare, I suggest that the government should buy back all the tolled systems in the Klang Valley and introduce congestion surcharges like RM10 per day for PJ and KL and perhaps RM5 in other major towns.
Keep the NSH as a tolled system but remove the automatic toll increases.
If they want to encourage more tourists from Singapore, Johor should buy back the Causeway and Second Link. The former was formerly a low-cost toll but is now part of the automatic toll increases.
The Perak power grab and the latest "flip-flop" on the English issue suggests that the Cabinet is not able to think strategically and for the long term.

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