Monday, July 27, 2009

malaysiakini and a JOKE about ROYAL COMMISSIONS....

Malaysia has a reputation for the Guinesss Book of World Records - it used to be a tradition in the last 20 years but seems to be less fashionable now.
But this article in malaysiakini suggests otherwise. Readers should recall that we have had 2 Royal Commissions in the last 6 years - one to probe police misconduct that recommended the IPCMC and the other to probe the Lingam tape recordings.
So far, nothing substantial has happened - NOT one criminal has been brought to book and many witnesses just claimed "memory loss".
Now this latest royal commission to probe Teoh's sudden death.

As for the joke about Royal Commissions in Malaysia:

How many Royal Commissions does it take for justice to be served in Malaysia?

Indefinite - no justice is possible untill the government is voted out of office.

What do you think?

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Absolutely correct....without changing government nothing will change. Changes are innevittable, go change it, dear rakyat.