Friday, July 17, 2009

malaysiakini and CANDLES Blowing in the Wind - Another SUDDEN Death

It is a sad day when a young man dies before his time and especially on the eve of his wedding. All Malaysians should grieve such a loss especially when his death occurred under mysterious conditions.
That is why some 500 caring and angry Malaysians showed up for a candle-lit vigil to remember him in his malaysiakini article.
This is not the first death associated with police custody.
We are still awaiting action by the Attorney-General on the murderers of Kugan who was beaten to death while under police detention.
We do not know what actually happened to the late Teo but it was reported that he was being questioned "as a witness" in a case related to corruption.
He was held for questioning from 6pm to about 3am and it seems he was fairly cooperative.
Now we all know the PDRM objected to the IPCMC and to me this is precisely the type of case that should fall under the rules of a body like the IPCMC.

For example:
1.There should be proper recording devices like CCTV to monitor anyone held by the police and the MACC.
2.Such offices should have security grilles to prevent anyone jumping from buildings more than say 2 storeys high.
3.No one should be allowed to loiter anywhere in the premises as that would itself pose a security threat.
4.Rules and procedures for questioning witness/suspect.

In a country with a tradition of honour and integrity like Japan, the MACC chief or the Home Minister would tender his resignation but in Malaysia we siply meet with a stoney wall of silence.
Listen to the words of this song that became famous as a protest against the war in Vietnam....
"How many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died? "


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Trashed said...

As usual, melayumuda and muda2 are posting out of context.

Is Malaysia going the way of Zimbabwe with a growing trend of deaths in detention ?