Monday, July 27, 2009

malaysiakini and the USELESSNESS of our So-called ROYAL COMMISSIONS.....

Maybe we have become even worse than Zimbabwe.
Over there, if the government wants to take you out, you can simply disappear on the orders of the higher authorities and no one will bother to look for you.

In Malaysia we have become more sophisticated. Just see how the Perak state government was overthrown via a coup that seemed to have the approval of the palace. It does not matter one jot that the common folks were all demanding that fresh elections be held.

Now we have the latest "death in custody" that will now involve more taxpayers' funds for proceedings that will probably end in another "NFA" dead end. For Teoh, it was indeed a dead end when he went to the MACC office alive and came out dead via a window located on the high floor where he was being held. According to this malaysiakini article there are Growing calls for royal commission to widen probe.The way the commission is being authorised is akin to conducting a probe into how a fire took hold in a building without ascertaining as to who committed the arson. In other words, such a commission will ascertain that indeed Teoh did exit from the window but the commission cannot determine who was/were responsible for his demise as they did not keep proper records on who had control of the witness.

As usual, the Cabinet had to make a decision after the necessary delay to determine the possible fall-out from taking various decisions. It seems that justice has to be weighed against political damage.
Coming so soon after the revamp of the Anti-Corruption Agency into the MACC that someone described as "putting old wine into a new vessel", it seems that many top Malaysian leaders are still unable to discern right from wrong.
For example, no one like the Home Minister has offered to resign to accept responsibilty for this seemingly cold-blooded killing.

To me it does not matter if the following happened:
1.Someone pushed him out the window or
2.He fell when his pants tore while they were holding him outside the window to make him talk or
3.Someone managed to breach the MACC security and killed him or
4.He was so exhausted by their questioning and threats that he tried to escape with deadly results.

So far we have spent millions of ringgit of taxpayers' funds on 2 Royal Commissions that produced no results. So my feeling about this third royal commission is one of USELESSNESS.
If you share my view, please take the trouble register to vote and change the government in the next General Elections. The next person to die "under police protection" could be your own son or daughter.

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