Saturday, November 1, 2008

malaysiakini and ZAID'S Speech...GOOD But....

You can read Zaid Ibrahim's speech here.
It is quite frank and delves quite accurately into how the "Ketuanan" concept evolved.
Perhaps what is missing from the speech is how he himself gained from the NEP and why he has now decided to start his foundation to encourage the Bangsa Malaysia concept.
The ending could have been more action-oriented.

"From that trust, we can rebuild the country where we do not live in fear,
but in freedom; that the rights of all Malaysians are acknowledged,
respected and protected by the system of law that is just and fair. There
is no quest more honourable and a struggle more worthy of sacrifice".

I would have included something like:
"This is our time. Let us work together for a better Malaysia. Let us build together a just Malaysia. This must be our dream - let us make that dream come true."

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