Friday, November 7, 2008

malaysiakini and OBAMA - BAD NEWS for the BN

President-Elect Obama is the new wind of change that will sweep the world.
Given the dire economic situation, he will have to provide the leadership that can steer the world's economy out of a recession.
This malaysiakini article 'Change or be changed' shows that many Malaysians too see and welcome the need for change in Malaysia.
The BN leadership is under the notion that just by talking and not taking action they can preserve the status quo and remain in power for many years. They prefer to remain in the time warp and enjoy all our nation's wealth with their "Ketuanan" or supremacy concept.
I predict that unless the BN undergoes radical reforms, they will go the way of the Republicans in the next elections that are held under free and fair conditions.
What can you do? If you want change to happen in Malaysia, go and tell your 5 best friends what we all need to do and convince them to do likewise.

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