Thursday, November 13, 2008

malaysiakini and RACE Politics - Only Some Malaysians are NOT PREPARED

Further to the recent article in malaysiakini where the former PM expounds that racist parties are still relevant, my thinking is that UMNO with its supremacist policy of Ketuanan whatever they conceive it to be has made the Bumiputras to become complacent and acquiescent; willing to listen and follow leaders who may not have their best interests at heart.
Let's face the inconvenient truth - the NEP has been used to brainwash Bumis into becoming unwilling to compete as they think the government will provide them with the good life.
But just take a good look around and you will notice that perhaps out of every RM100 that is spent by the government on so-called development projects, the benefits follow an unstable pyramid somewhat like:

35% go to the top 10% political elites and cronies
25% go to the people having to manage the projects
40% trickle down to the people actually doing the work

That possibly explains why so many projects like the infamous Hospital Sultan Ismail are still having fungus problems.
So when we have 2 PMs claiming that non-Malays too can become the Prime Minister of Malaysia, they must be high on some substance like NEPbu.
Neither has spoken up in support of the Chinese who was appointed GM of Selangor PKNS. So the question that they should be asked is:
"Instead of postulating that Malaysians still want racist parties, would YOU agree to have a non-Malay to become the PM? If NO, why not?"

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