Wednesday, November 5, 2008

malaysiakini and the USA's NEW Hope and VISION - What About MALAYSIA?

There are many things we can learn about the USA - the land of hope and glory.
Many of us can still recall the turbulent days of the 60s when race riots happened at regular intervals and political assassinations were part of the equation - the most prominent being John Kennedy, his brother Bobby and Martin Luther King Jr.

This malaysiakini article Obama chalks up historic win shows the great American Dream is still possible as we await the first black President of the USA.
Senator McCain made a great speech when he graciously accepted defeat and offered his support to the President-elect. Our Malaysian politicians should learn from such leaders on how to accept defeat and move on.

However this article 'Issue show-cause letter to Zaid' proves that UMNO supremacists are the new breed of racist politicians who should be rendered obsolete. Only then can Malaysia progress to a higher level. Just like Obama stood for change, we too should help people like Zaid Ibrahim to lead the change in Malaysia.

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