Saturday, November 8, 2008

malaysiakini and the NEW Chief Justice - a NEW Controversy

There was a petition to the Rulers protesting the appointment of the new Chief Justice, mainly on the grounds that he was an UMNO lawyer.
That petition was ignored and the new CJ has been appointed.
Under the "new broom sweeps clean" syndrome, the CJ claims that he believes that there were two judges who were corrupt as detailed in this malaysiakini article Kit Siang to Zaki: Report 'retired corrupt judges' to ACA as this will enable the name of the Judiciary to be restored a little.
To allay fears that UMNO cases would be given special favours, the CJ wants to avoid hearing such cases as reported in this other article CJ: I won't hear Umno cases.
I think this approach is flawed as time alone will not erase the UMNO connection. If he has the capacity to judge without fear or favour, he should just treat UMNO cases like any other. That will hasten the day when the public perception of a flawed and tainted Judiciary will change for the better.
As for his own corruption experience, now that he has declared it, he should make the necessary police reports and bring the culprits to book.

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SOSSCD said...

As long as the CJ is not an independent pillar, we can forget about democracy in Malaysia.

Those who are responsible to this abysmal blunder will be persecuted eternally.

Bravo RPK, keep up the good work. Now we want Hindraf 5 and all ISA detainees to be released and abolished the ISA now.

Rpk is our hero, but looking at this Dr. Kua Kia Song, sigh, what a contrast.

Couldn’t fill a nomination form in the 1995 General Election, was booted out from New Era College, now instigating those innocent and gullible students going against the wishes of the rakyat.

This Kua Kia Song is a total disgrace to Bolehland when compared to our hero RPK.

Long live RPK, please go away quietly Mr. Principal- the can't fill nomination form properly principal.