Saturday, November 22, 2008

malaysiakini and the WANITA Fallout - Good for the Women

Let's hope the women leaders will show the guys a little more style and finesse in how leadership disputes should be settled.
I think Najib wanted to stay out of this one but now he too has to give some advice as indicated in this malaysiakini article Najib: Close ranks after elections.
Rafidah,the minister in charge of the controversial APs and shares allocations was allowed to let her connections prosper under TDM, was dumped by AAB after she lost her seat in the March political tsunami.
Even Shahrizat lost her seat so both women are not even MPs.
After so many years in power and having been rejected by the voters it is a mystery that Rafidah wants to contest so that she can do the "leadership transition" in June 2009 just 3 months after getting elected.
To me her leadership of Wanita effectively ended in the March elections and she should have retired from politics then. Now she wants to get reelected but what is her intention?
WANITA UMNO is not her personal fiefdom and the grassroots should demonstrate how they expect their leaders to lead.
Just like UMNO needs the injection of fresh ideas to remain relevant, the Wanita too need more democratic practices and having a leadership contest is a vital part of this development.

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