Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who Says MALAYS CANNOT Compete?

A little glimmer of hope for 1Malaysia.
In today's Star there is an interesting list of the top 30 SPM students who will " be able to pursue undergraduate degrees in their areas of interest as recognised by the Government at renowned universities locally and abroad under the national scholarship programme."
This is an excellent move and I suggest the numbers can be increased more each year. Maybe,the next 500 top students be sponsored for local universities?

More importantly all these students should sign bonds to serve the government for the number of years at least equal to the scholarship period as that will help retain talent.
If you look throught the list of the 30 names,
15 are Malays
13 are Chinese
2 are Indians and it shows that smart students are not confined to any race. Let the scholarships be based on such meritocracy and Malaysia will be able to prosper.

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