Monday, April 26, 2010

So BN Won Hulu Selangor but at What Cost?

People say politics is dirty but what went on in the Hulu Selangor "buy-election" would write a new chapter in the Manual of Dirty Politics.
Straight away after returning from many days of international travel, the PM and his team of ministers started their tour of Hulu Selangor and proceeded to give out bribes left, right and centre. In fact the DPM and half the Cabinet were actively campaigning for the BN candidate, all on government or taxpayers' time. No wonder Putrajaya stopped operating for the duration of the campaign.
You see in Malaysia the ruling party has fine-tuned their dirty tricks to the minutest detail. Unfortunately the many years of corruption have affected the many institutions of democracy that many ordinary law-abiding people sadly do not know when the laws have been blatantly broken.
Why else would the PM spand so many days in HS when in the absence of the buy-election, the place would be mentioned in his appointments diary only once in 5 years? And that only in the General Elections?
For Zaid and his team, do not be disappointed for too long. Start your work for the next general elections.
I don't expect the BN will be able to afford such generous vote-buying at the national level in the next general elections.
Perhaps by then more Malaysians would have realised the imperative to CHANGE the government in order to give Malaysia a better future.

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