Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Reason WHY Malaysia MUST NOT Use Nuclear Power....

I have written a few articles about why Malaysia should not use nuclear power and today's story only adds to that argument.
In Malaysia, many of the building trades operate on the "monkey see, monkey do" concept and after a few years of following the senior "monkey", many start their own contracting companies and if they are connected, they may end up doing an Ali Baba contract that is so prevalent in Malaysia.
Today's story Sinkhole brings traffic to a halt show the level of the shoddy workmanship that goes on in many building projects.
Since this project is being managed by MBPJ which is probably the most progressive council in Malaysia, I suggest the council should examine the qualifications of the contractors doing the job.
Don't just issue the work authorisation and hope nothing goes wrong. Ensure that a competent person supervises the work as part of the conditions of the work order.
As for the unfortunate motorists, sue the local authorities for the job failure - this is not another act of ALLAH but incompetence.

photo:thanks to the STAR

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