Thursday, April 15, 2010

malaysiakini on the "SMALL FRY" Remark by the DPM......

So the DPM is really upset that malaysiakini attributed the words "small fry" to describe the Inter-religious body set up by the government to look at problems related to the administration of religious practices among Malaysians.
Over the past years, Malaysians have read about forced conversions among minors by a parent who suddenly changes religion, body-snatching over last-minute conversions at death and women who suddenly find themselves divorced by someone who changes religion and then gets rid of the wife.
These are all serious issues that impact heavily on families and for the DPM to consider the IFP(inter-faith panel) as something not really that important as it has no authority and no decision-making power.

I think malaysiakini's error is that it attributed the words "small fry" to the DPM when he did not actually say the words.
But if you look at the meaning of the word "small fry" it really fits the attributes given to the panel by the DPM.
Of course we know the DPM who is also the Education Minister wants English to be sidelined for many years when he cannot understand that the way he described the IFP actually falls under the meaning of "small fry".

It seems that the BN government does not take the matter of inter-religious problems seriously. Instead of a half-baked panel with zero authority, a proper inter-religious commission should have been formed.
I suggest that Malaysians spend at least 5% of their energies on matters related to inter-religious problems. What do you think?

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