Friday, April 9, 2010

malaysiakini and the myPROCUREMENT Fiasco

My last post was about the preposterous prices paid by the Malaysian government for fresh rations for the Armed Forces.
It appears that a major blunder was made in the data entry process and the price has now been adjusted minus a few decimal places.
You can see a selection of remarks posted by malaysiakini readers who suggest BN may now regret myProcurement website but I suggest that the government should be more open and allow its citizens to check if everything is above board.
We know two important details and can relate this to the myProcurement fiasco:
1.Government has been spending millions of ringgit on IT Projects but it seems that the quality of those projects is highly suspect and data entry appears to be a major processing headache.
2.Government spending on civil servants has not been curtailed and I believe it has even escalated as instead of reducing the work load, IT has increased the menial tasks required to keep the systems functioning - you will notice that most government sites are mostly out of date.
Just take this myProcurement portal - I am no IT expert so someone please comment if what I am writing is not possible.
My only experience is working with a simple FoxPro application so that is where I am coming from.
The myProcurement system can designed so that the prices are not actually inserted by additional data entry but through the tender selection program. Each tender bid has a reference code and only that code needs to be entered in the myProcurement program that will automatically input the successful price so there is no chance of human error.
This myProcurement system is now 1JokeMalalaysia!

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