Wednesday, April 21, 2010


There is a new mantra in Malaysia - CHANGE!
Maybe that meeting with President Obama after spending more than RM70mil on a public relations campaign building the Brand 1Malaysia has set off the proverbial lightbulb.
But I am not holding my breath just yet.
Even when you thought it is safe to get back in the water, you need to watch out for the many crocodiles that are just waiting for the next meal.
You remember how the education system was turned on its head just before TDM retired? They brought back "teaching in English" in the national schools within a grace period of three months - a record for major mayhem in the schools for 4 years until they reversed the policy and went back to the old ways that produces graduates who cannot survive in the private sector on account of atrocious English skills.
To me the basic reason why we have yet another set of laws withdrawn as seen in malaysiakini's Brakes on Road Transport Act revisions is that these laws are being churned out without much serious thinking.
You remember the rules on using Mykad to purchase petrol that was mooted about 3 months ago?
Well this latest withdrawal on the increased fines for traffic offences reflects the same lack of thinking through the problem.
To me, the lack of continuous and consistent enforcement is the basic reason why we have the situation of near anarchy on the roads.
Of course when all top government officials are all too occupied on a by-election we cannot any serious effort to be made to pass good laws.

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