Tuesday, April 6, 2010

malaysiakini and ARMED FORCES Marching on ITS STOMACH?

Some famous general said "An army marches on its stomach" but it seems that in Malaysia, they feed the soldiers so well that their stomachs almost reach the ground as the budget for "rations" is RM6.47bil according to info gleaned from the E-Procurement site.
The matter was raised in Parliament but this is not really surprising as I remember a few years back, the Auditor-General also reported Maggi mee at RM5 a packet.
Nothing has changed except that it is all done using IT.
Since complete details were not given (security excuse?) just study the chart and decide if the government has spent your tax monies properly.
Even at RM35 per day per AF, the amount for rations is highly suspect. Maybe they are using caterers from a fancy hotel?
One fundamental weakness in the E-Procurement is that out of 60 staff, only 1 is a non-Malay and he is not the head. To reduce the opportunity for irregular deals, such sensitive departments should be organised so that at least 20% of the staff at various levels are from different backgrounds like race, religion.

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