Tuesday, April 27, 2010

malaysiakini and the USE of CON-SULTANTS

I am sure many have heard this joke about consultants and their ilk.
Basically you can pay a consultant money and he will make up a story that you would like to hear.
That is why I have spelt the word with the emphasis on the CON part.
I got to pondering about consultants after this article in malaysikini on the TBH murder inquest. The question being asked is 'Just how did Teoh fall?'.
It seems that we are asking the wrong person this question - he was not there and can only postulate. His take also does not appear too convincing - from "fully conscious" to not sure.
At one time, any Western expert was held in high esteem but after cases like Enron, Watergate we now know that integrity is not an exclusive trait.
I just wonder how much they paid for such elusive evidence?

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