Thursday, December 31, 2009

malaysiakini's NEWSMAKER of 2009....

As 2009 draws to a close, malaysiakini's readers have responded to their selection of the Newsmaker of 2009.
It is a tragic case for both the family and all Malaysians for a young man died while in the custody of the MACC who had detained him for interrogation in a minor corruption probe.
Even the inquest has been delayed for unknown reasons and one reason given is that the second autopsy report has not been completed. This happened after the famous Thai forensics expert Dr. Porntip testified that in her expert opinion the chance of homicide and not suicide was 80%.

TBH was just an ordinary citizen going about his young life, trying to eke out a living when his existence was so cruelly snuffed out.
According to the online poll on this blog,
53% of voters believe "The Truth Will Never Be Revealed".
31% think "They were holding him outside the Window and his Pants Tore"
10% believe "The MACC Allowed a Third Party to Kill Him".
3% feel "He Committed Suicide to Protect Others"
1% are ready to "Accept the Official Version".

As malaysiakini readers respond to its choice of the 2009 Newsmaker, 'Beng Hock will have his triumph in death' there is both anger and hope. Anger that the culprits have not been caught and hope that they will bring change in the near future. Let us all pledge that cases like TBH do not recur.

I wish all readers a Happy and Healthy 2010.

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