Saturday, December 19, 2009

All I Want for CHRISTMAS is ......

It's that time of the year and having such a nice present will certainly brighten up my Christmas holiday.
Just imagine what the neighbours will think. Definitely a hard act to follow. All I need are the rest of the parts of the plane as the main part, the engine is available. Maybe it was put for sale on
With a headline like Stolen jet engine 'tip of the iceberg' we should be worried about the rest of the Defense Ministry.
Maybe our tanks have been replaced with card-board models with recorded sounds of the engine so that anyone who checks it out will decide that it sounds like a tank engine.
Anyone looking for a missing submarine? Since we bought the "silent" type you won't be able to detect it using listening devices.
And the authorities are still thinking about using nuclear power? I'm OK with that if it is located within one mile of the PM's residence.


PeterP said...

"All I Want for Christmas is . . ."

... but then your Santa Claus is not the same as their Santa !!

Merry Christmas to and your family.

H J Angus said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!