Sunday, December 6, 2009

malaysiakini on the Continuing Story of CONTAMINATION ... TDM Claims ALL GOOD with BTN

TDM has a very lucid memory nowadays when he claims the BTN is good for Malaysia.
Remember he could remember precious little when he was asked to testify during the Lingam Tapes inquiry?
He was so BLUR. (Pardon the Singlish or Manglish)
According to this malaysiakini article Dr M sees nothing wrong with BTN courses but thanks to the awakening of many Malaysians, the response has been swift and numerous.
I guess if you ask him more, he will also say there is nothing wrong with the Judiciary, the PDRM and the various mega-scandals linked to the BN government.
I hope he lives long enough to be brought to account to the Malaysian citizens who suffered as a result of his actions while he was the PM.
See how the Italians, the Koreans and the Isrealis are able to bring top leaders to justice? When that happens in Malaysia, I will shop writing this blog within 1 month of sentence being passed.
After all, no one is above the law.

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