Tuesday, December 29, 2009

malaysiakini and the MOST LUDICROUS CLAIM of 2009..

They don't give awards for this category of news items but maybe Malaysia can start one in the concept of 1Malaysia?
The Selangor police chief is drawing a lot of public flak from malaysiakini readers in this article Ean Yong, police - 'Who is intimidating who?' after the politician made some remarks about the police in a speech.
We all know that some superficial changes were made to the police after the government baulked at the implementation of the IPCMC following the protests of some senior police officers.
We also know that many signs and badges were made against corrupt practices but I just wonder what really has changed to make the police any better compared to pre-IPCMC proposals - for one, death in police custody has not been stopped and the case is still ongoing for the TBH murder.
Surely the police have not changed from being bullies of detainees to becoming sissies?
Malaysia must be the first and only country where a senior police officer can feel intimidated by a speech from a politician. We all know the saying "The pen is mightier than the sword" - maybe the Selangor police chief fears that the truth will finally prevail and the misdeeds of many senior officers will become public knowledge.
Yes, the errant police officers should fear the public's cry for justice in Malaysia. We owe ourselves and our children that much.

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