Sunday, December 27, 2009

malaysiakini and Do YOU Trust the GOVERNMENT ANYMORE?

The brickbats have been flying fast and furious with the belated discovery and reporting of the missing aircraft engines.
Readers of malaysiakini claim 'AG has no credibility to promise full probe'.
Based on past experience, it seems the AG's office acts as a major damage control center cum PR for the Prime Minister's office in the manner in which major scandals are processed.
The most glaring case is the Lingam tapes scandal in which a lawyer was video-taped fixing up judicial appointments with a senior judge. The inquiry decided that enough evidence was available to take criminal action but the case ended up as a NFA file.
In case you are not familiar, NFA stands for "NO FURTHER ACTION".
I was discussing with my sis-in-law about the English to BM switch in a few years and she told me her daughter would have to make the switch in Form 4 and parents are very concerned about the disruption and are making appeals for a change in government policy.
I told her that instead of making strenous efforts to make the government change, all the parents should channel their efforts to change the government.
Vote for the opposition in the next elections.

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