Thursday, December 3, 2009

malaysiakini and TREATMENT for CANCER - the CURE for BTN ?

The public reaction to the type of training done in the BTN course has been swift and sure and it seems our youth want to avoid it like the plague as seen in this malaysiakini article Student council reps say 'No' to BTN .
It seems that our youth have more wisdom than some senior BN leaders who came out angrily in support of the Brain-Tuning Narcotics (BTN)that indoctrinated trainees that only the BN was entitled to run the government.
In a democracy like Malaysia, that is of course a dangerous program for instead of empowering the citizens to choose wisely, it confuses civil servants into supporting the government even if the government has broken the law.
As responsible citizens we must be always wary of government programs or lose the capacity to determine their own destiny once the authorities become authoritarian and dictate all aspects of their lives.
In Malaysia we can already witness many areas where it seems the government is using oppressive laws to prevent the public from getting to know more about the scandals like the PKFZ and the BA hillside tragedy.

So why is the reference to cancer with respect to the BTN?
If you observe the reactions to the BTN Scandal, it is just like the human response that one has been diagnosed with cancer:

1.There was anger and denial.
2.The BN patient has agreed to treatment via a "revamp" of the program
3.The treatment is being studied by a specialist appointed by the BN

Now if you are a cancer victim, will be be comfortable with the same doctor to advice treatment? After all, during his years of treatment the cancer has spread more widely and essential organs have been affected. Having a "revamp" is akin to removing just the mole that was the start of the cancer that has now spread to your bone, lungs and liver.

If you really believe the BN will not be able to reverse this national cancer, I suggest it is your solemn duty to register and vote out this government in the next elections.

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