Saturday, December 12, 2009

malaysiakini and a MISLEADING OIL Headline

I don't agree with the malaysiakini headline Malaysia an 'oil cursed' country for the presence of oil is really a blessing, just like a stable climate and the lack of natural disasters.
But we have been cursed with national leaders who did not plan for the benefit of future generations and instead schemed on how to rape the national wealth for themselves.
If we compare ourselves with Singapore that was kicked out of the federation with no resources, that tiny dot has progressed by leaps and bounds to become a developed nation. Of course the leaders there are not perfect but mistakes were quickly rectified.
But Malaysia has been cursed with crony contracts that impinge on our daily lives like the tolled highways and the infamous IPPs. So far not many VVIPs have been convicted of corruption like the PKFZ scandal that had adverse Auditor-General reports since 2003.
Just read the online news and you will know that oil has not been the root cause of our misfortunes. So we desperately need to change our fortunes by electing a government that is honest and with some basic integrity.

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