Wednesday, December 9, 2009

malaysiakini and the GAP Between Race-Based and RACIST Parties

Race-based parties have been with Malaya and Malaysia since independence and as a minority, I have never supported the concept of a race-based party.
In the beginning, the Alliance parties worked quite well as there were 3 main parties - the MCA, UMNO and MIC. Now there are more than a dozen parties all clamouring for posts and contracts.

May13 marked the turning point when Malaysians made the conscious decision to implement the NEP that was supposed to have a finite time-line but somewhere in the process, the smart politicians realised that the NEP could be a guaranteed conduit for lucrative contracts and "piratisation" deals.
So the latest article in malaysiakini You belong to a racist party: Dr M to Nazri simply reflects how low the national leaders have stooped to continue with staying in control and gorging at the gravy train.
Being race-based is not necessarily bad but the leaders have to be mindful of the needs of the other communities and cooperation is desirable and necessary in order to win elections. But when a party is deemed to be "racist", all Malaysians must ensure that that party does not play any role in governing the nation.
Given the parlous condition of many major components of the BN, it is time for the moderate leaders to get out of their racist parties and form a new party that can provide an alternative to PR.

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