Friday, September 18, 2009

malaysiakini relates the PKFZ to the Iron Law of Oligarchy....

I believe this law can be applied to the connivance of the Malaysian Cabinet in the PKFZ billion ringgit scandal where one can find many examples of criminal breach of trust, abuse of official positions and acting in concert to conceal such dastardly acts.
The malaysiakini article is headed Leaked 'cabinet paper' tells an alarming tale but to me it is expected as the government always makes decisions collectively and you can be sure that the leaders are aware of what exactly is happening, especially with the mega-projects where political influence is most evident.
My opinion is that ministers should be allowed to make the final decisions in their own area and if any major scandal erupts, that minister has to face the music and even resign to save the government - that acts as a safety valve.
However after many years of the so-called "collective decision" system, we have probably have a government that practises the
Iron Law of Oligarchy.
The is the reason for the government being upset about the papers being leaked. Instead of taking action against those who have caused millions to be pilfered, they want to take action against the whistle-blowers.

Let's all learn a new slogan for change in the next General Elections:
"Any party OK BUT BN NOT OK"

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