Wednesday, September 16, 2009

malaysiakini and MALAYSIA'S FORMULA1 RACE....?

Do we really need such extravagance?
According to this article in malaysiakini Najib launches Malaysia's own F1 team Malaysia will be entering the competitive sport of Formula1 racing next year.
Of course companies related to tourism and travel will like Formula1 as it does bring in the high-rollers who can spend their tourist dollars on hotels and luxury goods.
After so many years of PETRONAS involvement in Formula1 with little success, it appears quite fool-hardy for Malaysia to jump into this sport that has seen the withdrawal of even the big companies like Toyota and Honda.
According to this article the annual budget for taking part ranges from US$66mil to US$400mil. Just imagine how many students could be granted a proper education with that kind of money.

We have all heard about the common compliants about Proton's power windows that breakdown within a year. Are we to believe that this foray into racing will somehow solve that technical problem?
This expensive project should not be for taxpayers' account but instead we should let the private individuals and companies take the risks and enjoy the rewards if they are successful.
Maybe this is one way some ministers will get to enjoy the perks of Formula1 racing -the girls are pretty and the booze is plentiful too.

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Trashed said...

F1 racing cars don't have electronic windows, so you can forget about having windows that actually work in your Protons.