Saturday, September 5, 2009

malaysiakini and DISMAL Home Ministers....

Once we thought that Syed Hamid was hopeless as a Home Minister when he allowed the detention of the Sin Chew journalist and Teresa Kok. Both were detained under the ISA and surprisingly no was else was charged for the incident that was reported.
The latest "cow-head" incident in which the Home Minister has incurred the wrath of several NGOs according to this malaysiakini article NGOs want Hisham's head over flip-flop as they are angry about the Home Minister being "cowed" as the protesters were UMNO members or instigated by UMNO and the police did not lift a finger to stop the bloody demonstration.
It can be perceived that the Home Minister does not act on any principles of law and order but purely on expediency and convenience.
At worst, the government now appears to be changing its tune as the latest death of an elected rep once again gives the voters the chance to provide tangible feedback on the government's performance.
I will give them 25% for the KPI on maintenance of law and order and public security.

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bwong said...

If you can view this video about Karpal Singh being mobbed outside Parliament house early this year, you may yet identify several characters involved in the Temple cow-head protest, those standing behind His-shame-no-ending PC justifying the culprits (video) and Temple dialogue fracas at Shah Alam. Watching these videos revealed similar characters emerging.