Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Good Idea to FOSTER Multi-Culturism for 1Malaysia but WRONG APPROACH....

We always seem to have much fanfare to launch show-case projects but to me it is the wrong approach for a sustainable program that will truly transform Malaysia.
The NST has the story Multiracial hostel to foster integration but this hostel idea is merely like a drop in the ocean.
To promote better racial understanding among young Malaysians, we really need to get rid of those many exclusive boarding schools that young Malays are sent to, usually after Secondary One.
So instead of building this "publicity" hostel, we should slowly increase the intake of non-Malays into the exclusive boarding schools so that it simply reflects the racial composition of Malaysia.
But before that can happen, all the school heads and admin staff should be sent for further training to start thinking without their racist bias.
And those in the BTN who spout the wrong messages on "ketuanan" should be sent to rehab or sacked.
Only then will Malaysia be successful in the 1Malaysia agenda. So are we really serious about treating all our citizens properly?

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