Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The PKFZ scandal will be considered by some to be the father and mother of all scandals in Malaysia but the malaysiakini article RPK on PKFZ: Cabinet knew but condoned everything gives even more damaging details.
The practice in Malaysia has been for the Cabinet to make collective decisions on all and sundry so that quite possible we can even appoint a few monkeys in cabinet as ultimately no one is held responsible for bad decisions.
I disagree with the collective decision concept though I believe consultations may be useful. That way, if a really incompetent guy makes a bad decision as a minister, he resigns and the integrity(?) of the Cabinet remains intact.
Otherwise, after a few years of bad decisions and no resignations, the entire Cabinet is full of poorly-performing ministers.
Maybe we have reached or gone beyond that point now with the PKFZ scandal. Hence the need for the CUC.
That stands for Cover-Up Committee!

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