Saturday, September 12, 2009

malaysiakini Endures the TYRANNY of GOVERNMENT....

The concept of "the tyranny of government" is not my idea but it comes from the Constitution of the USA, the nation that earned its freedom and independence after a bloody revolution with Great Britain.

Just google "tyranny of government" and you will find this interesting passage.

"Unless restrained, all governments devolve to tyranny."

"It can never be assured, nor should we ever believe, that government could never become oppressive and devolve into tyranny."

If I am not mistaken it was Jefferson or one of the other drafters of the USA Constitution who wrote this.

That was part of the argument in the USA for the Second Amendment which is about the right to bear arms but that right does not exist in Malaysia.

One could get the impression that malaysiakini is now experiencing the "tyranny of government" when the MCMC raids their offices and conducts long interviews that definitely will interfere with business for the online portal.
The government can afford the costs as they run on over-budget paid by taxpayers but definitely malaysiakini's operations will be adversely affected.

But since March 2008, many Malaysians have woken up to the fact that the government is a confusion of bungling, blundering and badgering bureaucrats who simply act without rhyme nor reason. You can read the readers' response in this malaysiakini article The minister vs the messenger .
Well done, guys. Now take the next step:-

1.Get ten of your friends or relatives who have not registered to vote to do so and ask them to get another 10 other friends to duplicate the efforts.

That is one important way we can defeat the tyranny of government.

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