Wednesday, September 9, 2009

malaysiakini and the UMPTEENTH Task Force for PKFZ

It seems as if the PM believes that the PKFZ scandal will not come crashing down on the BN government if he establishes another task force to keep the dirt circulating.
According to the malaysiakini article PM: High-powered task force to probe PKFZ after at least 2 other committees have already conducted official probes and the PDRM have even supended the accounts of the company doing the project.
I don't buy the idea of another "so-called high-powered committee" as it smacks more of damage-control and cover-up.
At this stage even a Royal Commission becomes an academic exercise as we have already seen how the nation has been damaged when ZERO action is taken by the A-Gs office when sufficient evidence was available to take action.
It seems that Malaysians must take the hard decision that the BN government cannot be trusted or relied upon to do the right and just thing.
To obtain justice, Malaysians will need to change their government just like what the Japanese have done.

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PeterP said...

Now I get it !
The first committee was only gen-set powered. Then we had one which was 11kV and the next one is to be 33kV. Will we then have one which is nuclear powered ?

As they increase the power of each successive committee, their credibility goes lower and lower.