Thursday, September 24, 2009

malaysiakini and the PKFZ Scandal...You Mean MINISTERS Cannot Be Questioned?

Life is quite confusing in Malaysia. We have an IGP who should seems to be forgetful of what he says. First of all he gave a press conference as reported by malaysiakini and then the following day issued a denial IGP denies saying minister to be quizzed on PKFZ leak.
Is the moral of the story that ministers cannot be touched by the law?
The is the perception that one gets as this mega-scandal has been news for months now and the AG's office is still organising their papers.
It is so easy to verify what was said or not said at any press conference. All reporters use voice recorders and all that is needed is to listen to the play-back. Unless the MCMC is going to ask everyone to erase all the tapes and deem them sensitive to ministers' careers?
As for the IGP, he has reached the age when trying to remember everything is impossible and making a mistake is common. But just denying is not going to work for a top official.

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