Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WOT? malaysiakini Readers Respond to the Question About 2-Party System...

Of course there is no ideal time to introduce a 2-party system just like some people will say the PR parties are not ready to even govern the states.
That is what you would expect those in the establishment to claim and that includes many if not most in the civil service.
But as the wisdom of malaysiakini readers shows in this article 2-party system: 'People ready, Umno is not' many Malaysians believe that the battle against corruption will not happen unless the BN is put in opposition.
To me the reason the Indonesian government appears to be taking serious steps to curb corruption is because the voters there have shown their power in the electoral process and are able to change the government in a peaceful manner.
For Malaysians, the question to be asked is, "Are you going to wait for UMNO to reform itself?"
If not, then the only answer is get it out of government and that is what you must do in the next elections.

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