Monday, November 2, 2009

malaysiakini and the BN's FAILED Education SYSTEM

After so many years of independence, Malaysia is still struggling to develop a good education system.
But the recalcitrant government with so many failed policies like the "back to English, then flip-flop to the old system" has proved that it cannot provide good leadership in this most vital component of nation-building.
malaysiakini highlights the dilemma in the article PM: No shift in vernacular school policy yet .
Some PTAs have already requested for permission to carry on with the English medium program but the bureaucrats insist on trying to control the freedom to a basic education program that is preferred by parents for their children.
After all the PM has conceded that vernacular schools will stay so why not just accept another school program that teaches in the English medium?
I believe that the Pakatan parties can win a few more states and hopefully form the next federal government if they make education a cornerstone of their election mainfesto.
Only they will we be able to create a good education system for all Malaysians.

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