Sunday, November 15, 2009

The DPM Flouts the LAW!

Each year, the government spends millions of ringgit on road safety campaigns and yet the statistics are not inproving as the death toll spirals upwards.
The basic reason is the lack of a continuous and consistent law enforcement as the traffic police only operate on a "fits and starts" strategy and each year thousands of poorly trained motorists take to the roads.
Just look at the photo courtesy of the Star newspapers. Our DPM believes that he is above and beyond the law, riding pillion without a proper safety helmet in a rural area.
Of course the traffic is quite light in such remote areas but the law does not make any concession as a fall from a motor-bike at any speed can be fatal on account of brain damage.
But then again, maybe this DPM is advertising the fact that he does not have any brain to be damaged and hence no need for the crash helmet?
That may be the case but his poor example has caused years of traffic safety efforts to be flushed down the toilet.

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