Tuesday, November 24, 2009

malaysiakini on the IGP's Work Attitude and Logic

Since the High Court ruled that the MACC cannot question detainees overnight, the spot-light has shifted to the police lock-up rules.
It appears that the police too are subject to rules with regard to those in the lock-up.
The IGP made a strange suggestion about the lock-up rules and fortunately many Malaysians now realise that such enforcement agencies must abide with the rules as described in this letter 'Close at 5pm': IGP's comment shocking.
We know that the IGP has been working years past the official retirement age and I suggest his appointment should be reviewed by the PAC as his attitude reflects a cavalier attitude.
This is the reason why Malaysia desperately needs the IPCMC so that ordinary citizens can feel that the police is being controlled with adequate provisions for our own safety.

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