Saturday, November 28, 2009

SYABAS malaysiakini! May YOU Grow Old with a NEW MALAYSIA....

Today marks the 10th anniversary celebration of malaysiakini, that many independent minded Malaysians consider to be in the forefront of the new awakening of a national consciousness; and hopefully one that will move away from the ever-hastening chasm of evil that will destroy Malaysia.
We are close to the swift current that will plunge the nation over the "Niagara Falls" of destruction that will morph the nation into the next Zimbabwee.
Just read the news articles and you will get a framework of how this bountiful land has been mismanaged unto the point of getting into a terrible rut of low growth and few FDIs.

A quick snap-shot from malaysiakini:

1.MITI Minister sells the idea that the government is getting a multi-million ringgit convention "for free" when he gives away prime land in KL without an open tender.

2.The MB of NS is being investigated for a RM10mil overseas fund transfer without approval from Bank Negara. I wonder if the thinking was that this is definitely more sophisticated than taking the money out in bags like the former Selangor counter-part.

3.The most damning article is the feedback about the BTN courses conducted by the government. According to malaysiakini readers 'BTN promotes unity? My foot' . I have not seen the contents of this BTN program nor have I asked my daughter about any such course she attended when she studied at IMU about 5 years ago - but that was a private university so the modules may be different.The reaction in the malaysiakini article from actual participants is telling.

The DPM has come out in defence of the course and he mentioned on TV3 about the course being "revised" to reflect 1Malaysia.
Then we have the MB of Selangor banning all state officials from attending the BTN courses as he considers the course a brainwashing program to glorify the ruling parties.

Courses like BTN can do more harm than good if the trainers and the content are skewed and with ill intention. From some of the criticism we hear about, it appears that civil servants are being indoctrinated to support the ruling party, no matter what the consequences.
Perhaps this can explain how the legitimate state leaders were locked out of the Perak state legislature and the police even took part in the overthrow of the PR state government. Instead of showing loyalty to the local state leaders who happened to be in opposition, the civil service decided to follow their BTN training.

Of course I am just throwing wild punches here but to me a course like the BTN must be really free of gender bias, racial bias, religious bias and political bias if it is to be of any benefit to our young citizens.
If we do not root out these inclinations in our young, it will only get worse if they mix with the older folks who were brainwashed and may want change but do not know how. That is a clear and present danger.

If civil servants are being told that only BN can and should rule Malaysia, perhaps that explains why the Auditor-General Annual Report shows the many shortcomings and even abuses that are repeated each year with little or no corrective actions taken.
How do we continue with such BTN courses? It will be good if both sides of the political divide can get together to discuss how the BTN should be improved. A joint committee with representatives from both sides should be formed to monitor and approve the course modules. And that should also apply to the NS camps that probably were created to extend the BTN "influence" to a younger target audience.
The PM has mentioned how difficult it is to change. I suggest the BTN is a monster they created and they must surely tame this monster before it destroys Malaysia.
If the BN cannot change this tack of a destructive brainwashing that will surely wreck the nation, we must change this government in the next general elections before it is too late.
malaysiakini and supporters, enjoy your hard-earned accolades but make sure you return refreshed and ready for the BATTLE ahead.

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