Monday, November 30, 2009

malaysiakini HOPES the BTN "Revamp" will Work Wonders...

It is good to hope that the BN can change to provide an inclusive government that is fair to all its citizens; regardless of where they came from.
But I just wonder why a few ministers are now trying to change the tune that some leaders like the DPM were whistling just a few days ago.
When the row about the BTN broke, some UMNO leaders claimed that the BTN was all good and those who are against the program do not know anything about it as no one was allowed to record and report on what went on behind closed doors.
Now malaysiakini reports a Revamp for controversial BTN courses just after a deluge of criticisms from those who attended such courses.
Courses like the BTN can be very useful to create understanding among the various races but like any tool, if it is abused or delivered by the wrong people, it will do more harm than good.
Just having a "revamp" is not good enough. What is needed is to have the veil lifted from the BTN program and allow anyone to review the contents and the service providers.
In other words, the OSA will not apply to BTN matters.
Already many thousands over the years have been indoctrinated with the incorrect teaching and need to be "reformed". Otherwise the people in more senior posts are still acting with the wrong training.
To me a "revamp" is not good enough. This is one area where the government must engage the opposition to create a BTN program that benefits Malaysia and not just the BN.

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