Thursday, June 18, 2009

malaysiakini on Ruling in Cloud-Cuckoo Land.....

We are truly a blessed nation.
Someone once remarked that you don't really need much to survive in Malaysia - just throw a few seeds on the ground and one could get food a few weeks later - such is the conditions in which we live.
Even Malaysian ministers get a fantastic deal compared to their UK counterparts.
Over there, the fifth minister has resigned over the expense claims scandal that has involved many MPs.
In Bolehland, the whole Cabinet kind of adopts the Roman defensive shield technique that protects everyone from suffering such a fate as having to resign.
We can see such practices in these stories from malaysiakini:
1.BLACKLIST - Gov't has head in the sand. That's the latest on the USA putting us back on the blacklist for human trafficking.
2.The ongoing saga on the billion ringgit scam of the PKFZ project.
3.The inaction over the Lingam tape scandal and the Kugan murder.

Compared to UK ministers, the Malaysian ones lead a truly charmed life. Maybe our Wisma Putra can earn some foreign exchange by conducting courses on "How to Manage Crises and Not Resign Over Scandals"?

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